Saturday, June 4, 2011

When Kaohsiung glows

2nd place in Kaohsiung Marine Gate Project
Asymptote Architecture and Artech Architects 

From Archdaily:

Asymptote Architecture and Artech Architects were awarded a close second place finish for the Kaohsiung Marine Gateway project.
The project proposes a 200m long structure situated between two 14 story towers located at the cities newly developed harbor edge. The proposal calls for a new urban intervention at the cities waterfront combining both cultural and commercial aspects with the port terminal functions the building is designed to house. The buildings technological envelope and architecture and is designed to be a striking and elegant addition to the quickly changing city of Kaohsiung and to act as a catalyst for unique and sustained urban development over the coming years and decades.
Asymptote’s design for the new Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal proposes a visually powerful and highly efficient transport and public facility that connects the heart of Kaohsiung to the city’s impressive waterfront.
The Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal as envisioned by Asymptote is designed to invigorate and activate Kaohsiung’s city edge at the waterfront though vibrant open public spaces and facilities that together bring a powerful and electric experience to the city 24 hours a day. The new Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal would become the primary marine gateway to both the city of Kaohsiung as well as to all of Taiwan.
The new Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal is designed as a new state of the art transport interchange, a destination with both public and private commercial facilities including exhibition and event spaces for the people of Kaohsiung as well as for national and international visitors.
The project transforms the site from its industrial roots into a dynamic urban hub, the new terminal is a celebration of international travel as well as local culture and recreation.

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