Saturday, April 16, 2011

Down the rabbit hole

What is architecture?

No, seriously, what's the appeal of something that turns a lot of people into CAD zombies?

The eggheads from Oxford wrote:

Pronunciation: /ˈɑːkɪtɛktʃə/

  1. The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.
  2. The style in which a building is designed and constructed, especially with regard to a specific period, place, or culture: Georgian architecture
  3. The complex or carefully designed structure of something
  4. the conceptual structure and logical organization of a computer or computer-based system

If there's any appeal above, I fail to see it (-..-)

Then WHY would people want to study architecture?

I learned the hard way proving that ARCHITECTURE equals "no sleep tonight".
...or any other night for that matter.

Maybe it's because of the infamous-but-not-always-true "Oh, you're an architect? Cool! You must make a lot of money!"

Maybe it's just plain curiosity nagging my common sense.

A few days ago, on my way down, I asked my studio lecturer a true idiotic question I've been itching to ask every architect or architect-to-be.

"Sir, is it worth it to be an architect?"

 His answer was, of course, "Sure."

I know it's a wrong question to ask a practitioner, but cat isn't the only thing curiosity killed.
After a laughable "Why?", he then continued.

"We get to travel and see the world."

I gave out a hearty laugh, for my own folks answered the same almost 3 years ago.

It was the reason I jumped into the rabbit hole.
It was the reason why I stay in the Architortureland.
It was my white rabbit.

What's yours? :)


  1. my hole isn't exactly architecture. as we both know, my hole's up there in the skies with the birds; the eagles and the parrots. BUT with the same passion though - travel and see different cultures of the world.

    now, since i'm stuck in this hole with you, i have a lot of fights to struggle with. and so, i need something to hold on to - a better future. an architect is well-paid after all. other than that, i guess i'd be darn proud to see my rabbit out there seen by the people. to be admired and awed i hope.

    i must say i really don't like common buildings. oh, i'm sure of that. even designs made by my lecturers, well, let's just say they're not of my taste. inspiring architects like ridwan kamil truly inspires me and pushes me even further to pursue and deeply understand (and comprehend?) architecture. being different and bold, i guess, what keep me alive in this hole. :)

    ayayay, look at that.. i've written a post-enough comment! i'll post it to my blog then.


  2. try reading the "50 emerging architects indonesia" - we have a lot of young local architects! :D

    if only they're more acknowledged globally!