Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If your site faces west

...be creative.

I live in Indonesia, which is very VERY high in temperature in the past years (what's with the excruciating 42oC?).

The fact that sunset glare sucks big time - also the painful excessive heat gain - concludes the basic rule of a tropical building:


So when you get a site that faces west, put on your thinking cap and be creative.
...like my studio classmate!

This happened in our 2nd semester in studio class:

Lecturer: How are you doing?
Student A: I'm a bit confused, Miss.
Lecturer: What's the problem?
Student A: My site's facing west.
Lecturer: Think of an activity that requires you to face west.
Student A: ............scripture pilgrimage?

For those who still hasn't got it, go read the legendary "Journey to the West".

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